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At US Jetting we are proud to deliver exactly what our customers need. We don’t just build stock base or standard units. We will work to engineer our jetting units according to any specifications required to tackle any and every job the unit will encounter. All of our mounting options are available with a variety of engine and pump configurations, water tanks, and other equipment. We build to order so our customers can get exactly what they need. Multiple reels, hot water boilers, easement machines, vertical tanks, low profile etc. You name it, we can do it.

Product Info

Hot Water Units:
Hot Water Jetting Units can have a standard US Jetting 4018 (4,000 PSI @ 18 GPM) Run-Dry Pump coupled with twin high output diesel fired water heaters. The hot water unit pictured has three 100′ lengths of heat resistant, high temperature abrasion coated hose attached to the hydraulic hose reel, a wye splitter and two additional 50′ lengths of hose with two high pressure wash down guns. This unit was designed to complete large concrete surface cleaning on a nightly basis at an international airport. Hot water quickly dissolves chewing gum, oil stains and food stains without chemicals or detergents.

Industrial Units:
The Industrial Unit was designed in order to give high pressure jetting units the ability to work inside commercial buildings. The Industrial Unit is an electric unit mounted on a moveable cart for easy transport. The unit plugs into a three phase outlet for hassle free jetting in tight spaces. Any US Jetting high pressure units can be manufactured as an Industrial Unit depending on customers’ needs. These machines are excellent for drain cleaning in commercial kitchens, hotels, airports, industrial plants, etc. All standard US Jetting features can be attached to the unit and used in these facilities, except hydraulic reels which would require an independent hydraulic power pack.

Industrial Units are also available with diesel engines if requested.

Off Road Units:
For jetting in hard to access areas, the Off Road Unit was created. These units are custom manufactured to endure any terrain necessary. Off Road Units are often used in flood plains or areas with outfalls which are inaccessible to regular trailers or trucks. For specific jetting needs, please contact a US Jetting sales associate and they can work with US Jetting engineers to design a jet to meet any applications.

Skid Units:
US Jetting offers high pressure jetting units manufactured on a single steel frame for final mounting by the customer. These units are manufactured with customer design input to insure easy final mounting on a truck or trailer chassis. Skid units can be manufactured with 300 or 600 gallon water storage tanks or without any water tanks. The full range of US Jetting options can be installed on skid units such as single or dual hydraulic power pull-out reels and control panel systems (remote or non). Skid units can be manufactured in a separate configuration arrangement, with engine pump set, water storage tank and hose reel mounted on individual frame assemblies.

*Custom color options are available for an additional charge.


  • Pipe Cleaning
  1. Drains
  2. Industrial Applications
  3. Laterals
  4. Sanitary Sewers
  5. Storm Sewers
  6. Grease Removal
  7. Root Removal


  • Fiber Optic
  • Gun Applications
  • Lift Stations
  • Jet Applications
  1. Mini Jet
  2. Micro Jet
  • Septic Leach Field
  • Unique Applicaitons
  • CIPP Linings
  • Vac Pumps
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