2065 Max Flushing


The 2000PSI 65GPM unit is the most popular unit for municipalities. With massive flushing power, it is mainly used to move heavy debris in large pipes up to 48”. This unit is available in various configurations such as truck mounted, trailer, skid, etc. depending on the end user’s preference and application. Common applications for 2065’s are culvert cleaning, large diameter sewer cleaning, and storm drain jetting.

Product Info

Before the introduction of high pressure lower volume jetting units, the 2065 [2000 PSI 65 GPM] was one of the standards in the industry and is still very popular for municipalities. These units are mostly used for moving heavy debris in large pipes up to 48”. While 2065’s have maximum flushing power, they have minimal cutting power without the addition of a mechanical root cutter.  Large water tanks or access to water is essential due to the high water consumption. These units are available with hydraulic drive or auxiliary diesel engines and come standard with a 1” jetting hose. The main unit pictured above is one of 22 delivered to NYC in 2015/16.

The 2065 is available with different mounting options, including open trailers, enclosed trailers, open trucks, enclosed trucks and skid mounted units. Different add-ons are also available such as control panels (with or without remote capabilities), additional hydraulic reels, alternative water tanks, mini jet kits, etc.

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  • Pipe Cleaning
    1. Drains
    2. Industrial Applications
    3. Laterals
    4. Sanitary Sewers
    5. Storm Sewers
    6. Grease Removal
    7. Root Removal
  • Gun Applications
  • Lift Stations
  • Septic Leach Field
  • CIPP Linings
  • Vac Pumps
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