1/2″ Parker Hose Green


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The ½’ x 500’ Parker hose is a durable yet lightweight 4000 PSI high-pressure jetting hose. Made with nylon and reinforced with aramid fiber and a polyurethane cover, Parker hoses are high quality and resist wear and tear when used properly. When selling jetting services, operators know how important their high-pressure hose is to their overall profitability and efficiency. If you constantly need to repair and replace hose, you’re wasting time and significant money. High-pressure hose is not cheap, so why not buy hose that is well-designed to withstand the pressures it is put under? No hose will resist rupture forever, but when used properly, Parker hose can bear up under the rigors of high-pressure drain cleaning.

This 500-foot high-pressure hose has 4000 working pressure with 16,000 burst pressure. It can operate in temperatures of -40°F to 135°F. The nominal ID is ½,” and the maximum OD is .81”. The weight is .16lbs/ft, and the permanent fitting series is 56. All standard assembly lengths are coupled with rigid male pipe on each end. This hose is not for use in hydraulic applications and is best for jetting services. When mounted on a 4018 jetting machine, the green Parker hose gives the operator the ability to handle most standard jetting jobs, whether it’s drain cleaning, root cutting, or grease clearing. High-pressure jetting hose is a wear item that requires occasional hose repair and replacement. Most damage to high-pressure jetting hoses is a result of operators not using safety accessories that protect the hoses. Hose repair due to damage or hose punctures is costly, not only for the replacement of the high-pressure jetting hose but the loss of productivity and revenue for your jetting services business. Several safety measures such as Tiger Tail Hose Guides or Leader Hoses are available to help the longevity of your high-pressure hose. Tiger Tails guard the high-pressure hoses against the sharp edges of pipes and manholes, which cause ruptures. Leader hoses are different colored short hoses that alert the jetting operator that the nozzle is approaching the end of the pipe. It’s also a cheaper sacrificial hose that can be more readily replaced due to harder wear. Why work with US Jetting? We can deliver anywhere in the United States and in many places across the globe. We’re committed to making sure that you get the right products for your jetting services, from high-pressure hoses to the right jetting equipment. Reach out today to discuss your needs for high-pressure hose and if Parker hose will suit your application.