½” 4000PSI Unloader Valve


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Max Flow: 21 GPM
Min Flow: 1 GPM
Max Pressure: 4000 PSI
The 4000 PSI unloader valve is a required add-on for any jetting accessories that have a “dead stop”. A dead stop is when you have an accessory such as a gun or mini reel where you would like water to complete stop as soon as you release the trigger or handle.
All US Jetting units have a pressure disc system that will rupture the pressure disc when the unit over pressurizes. However, when an accessory such as a dead stop gun is utilized, an unloader valve is necessary to keep the pump from dead-heading, which can cause severe damage to the pump. Unloader valves are also required when customers want to add a water selector to their mini reel in order to allow them to immediately turn on and off the water at the mini reel. Unloader valves can be used with single or multiple gun/reel applications.
The unloader assembly includes the unloader valve, two hoses, clamps, and fittings required to connect to your 4018 machine. The unloader valve alone is simply the high pressure relief valve on its own. The assembly is necessary if you don’t currently have an unloader on your machine, whereas the valve only is to replace an existing unloader valve.
For more information or for more unloader pressure options, please contact your US Jetting representative.