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The 4018 [4000 PSI 18 GPM] unit is US Jetting’s most popular jetting machine. As the industry leader, it has set the standard in the jetting industry for over twenty years. The 4018 is the only unit with a true run-dry plunger pump. This unit can work in pipes ranging from 1″ – 24″ and can be fitted with tanks sized 100 – 750 gallons or larger if required. The standard unit comes equipped with 500′ of 1/2″ hose. This unit is perfect for all purpose cleaning, but also has the power to tackle grease, roots, residential and industrial lines.

As low as  $750/mo
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The 4025 [4000 PSI 25 GPM] is US Jetting’s most versatile jetting machine. With 4000PSI pressure it maintains the cutting power of a 4018, but magnifies the flushing power with the added gallons per minute. This gives it endless applications from grease and root cutting, to culvert cleaning and storm drain jetting. The 4025 unit can work in pipes ranging from 1″ – 48” and come standard equipped with 500 ft of 5/8″ hose.

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The 3040 [3000 PSI 40 GPM] is an industrial strength machine designed to clean large sewers or storm drains. Powered by a 99 HP Kubota diesel engine, the 3000 PSI 40 GPM unit is an ideal machine for municipalities and contractors. The 3 cylinder ceramic plunger pump is directly driven via a reduction gearbox eliminating the need for any belts or pulleys. It is available with up to 750 gallons of water storage on a tandem axle trailer and up to 1000 gallons mounted on certain trucks. The unit comes standard with one hydraulic powered reel with 500′ (150 M) of 3/4″ hose. It is also available with a second reel that can be fitted with 500′ of 1/2″ hose.

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The VAN PACK unit is US Jetting’s most popular jetting machine for jetting professionals who specialize in cleaning small residential and light commercial lines. It is available with pressures of 3,000 – 4,000 PSI and flows of 8 – 18 GPM. The 4000 PSI option is the better unit for power to cut through roots or grease, whereas the 3000 PSI unit has better flushing capability with more GPM. The Van Pack can work in pipes ranging from 1″ – 6″ and up to 24″ with a 4018 option. It can be fitted with fresh water tanks sized 100 – 200 gallons depending on the weight load capacity of the vehicle it is mounted in. The unit comes equipped with 300-500 ft (150 m) of 3/8″ or 1/2″ hose.

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The 3030 [3000 PSI 30 GPM] is a powerful and versatile unit. From city sewers to large diameter culverts, this machine takes everything in its stride. Operating at 3000 PSI gives it the ability to cut roots and grease, while the flow of 30 GPM allows it to also tackle rocks and heavy sand. Equipped with 500″ of 3/4″ hose, this unit makes short work of any task. At 30 GPM, it does not use too much water so more work can be done on a tankful before having to refill. It is an ideal machine for municipalities or contractors that want to cover all applications both large and small.

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The 2000PSI 65GPM unit is the most popular unit for municipalities. With massive flushing power, it is mainly used to move heavy debris in large pipes up to 48”. This unit is available in various configurations such as truck mounted, trailer, skid, etc. depending on the end user’s preference and application. Common applications for 2065’s are culvert cleaning, large diameter sewer cleaning, and storm drain jetting.

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When you need more pressure, US Jetting aims to please. We build custom units up to 20,000 PSI, but more commonly around 6,000, 8,000, and 10,000 PSI. Horse power will depend on pressure and flow required. Diesel or electric options are available as are hydraulic reel and accessories to match the performance. Water Blasting Units come with special high pressure hose of 10,000+ PSI and are available on various hydraulic reel options.

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At US Jetting we are proud to deliver exactly what our customers need. We don’t just build stock base or standard units. We will work to engineer our jetting units according to any specifications required to tackle any and every job the unit will encounter. All of our mounting options are available with a variety of engine and pump configurations, water tanks, and other equipment. We build to order so our customers can get exactly what they need. Multiple reels, hot water boilers, easement machines, vertical tanks, low profile etc. You name it, we can do it.

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