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Thank you @vactor for a great few days in Chicago. We enjoy working with you guys! #thebetterjetter #usjetting
TECH DAY is tomorrow! We still have a few spots available so sign up now! 770-740-9917
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My Man!! Love catching up with @rcm60025 @millonz4
Nick and Sally Woodhead are meeting with Vactor to strengthen an already great partnership! 

Remember, now that US Jetting is teamed up with Vactor youve got an Authorized USJ Service Center and RAMJET Dealer, for municipalities, right in your back yard! Contact us today to find one close to you! 770-740-9917
We hope all you Dads had a great Fathers Day! 
Have a great week!
Contact us today to find an Authorized US Jetting Service Center/ Dealer near you! 770-740-9917
US Jetting built, Vactor Tough. 
US Jetting and Vactor make a great team! And an even better Jetting Unit! Contact us today to find a dealer near you! 770-740-9917 #thebetterjetter #usjetting #ramjet
Use coupon code: WHOISYOURDADDY
For all you hard working dads out there, we want to give you a little gift, make your job a little easier and let you know you are appreciated!


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My kids dad which is me repairs all kinds of equipment.

My dad was pretty great at jetter repair on all types and brands. I sure do miss him. Tomorrow will be 4 years.

Rolling out a couple RAMJETs headed to some of our municipal customers. Contact us today to find an Authorized US Jetting Dealer/Service center near you! 770-740-9917


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Nice netters, what a fantastic machine! From: CCP


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Hes not cutting many roots if hes running it at 2700 psi.

TECH DAY is less than 2 weeks away! Sign up now to reserve spots for your team! Call 770-740-9917 or email if you are interested! #usjetting #thebetterjetter
Jason Bingham is the winner of the post we shared  ***REFURB ALERT Can anyone guess the year of this US Jetting jetter?  Answer: 1994

Jason and his father, Monroe; may he rest in peace, worked together servicing jetters for US Jetting for 20+ years. Jason now travels the Northeast servicing equipment and he knows US Jetting machines like the back of his hand. 

Congrats on some great FREE US Jetting Gear and a discount on your parts order today! It is great doing business with you! Thank you Sir! 
We will see you again soon!Image attachment


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Robert Ward make them appt to service ours ?

Thanks for saying that about my dad. Next time we will take a better picture lol

Another shipment of jetters, equipment and hoses headed out to US Jetting - California! Shoot them a message and order yours today!
TECH DAY is in a few weeks at our main office in Georgia. June 21st. We have limited space so Sign up today and get your whole crew trained and “JETTER CERTIFIED.” 
Call 770-740-9917 for more information! @ US JettingImage attachment
Thank you to all that have served and to those that have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. 
We will not forget.  

We hope you all have a great weekend! Be safe. We’ll see you again on Tuesday!
Get 10% off your next parts order and some FREE US Jetting Gear if you are the first person to guess the year this refurb was built. #thebetterjetter #usjetting  #keepitflowing #builttolast


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One of your first.







Close but no cigar. Good guesses but the correct answer has not yet been given. Keep guessing!


Or 1995



If it’s a 1991 it has to be one of the first but I’m thinking 1992 or 1994

Leaning toward 1994


Yep.... just send me the prizes 😂

Unless Nick brought it over from north Africa with him.

What year is it

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Let’s get Jettin!
Have a great week everyone!
Heads up US Jetting - California! We’ve got some jetters, hoses and equipment headed your way!
#usjetting #thebetterjetter #keepitflowing


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Thanks, US Jetting, for the shout out!!! Nothing but the best for us and our customers.

1 month ago

US Jetting
Get your orders in now so they will ship out today!

Our Georgia warehouse will be closed tomorrow - Friday, May 18th. This means no shipments will be going out tomorrow but they will resume as normal first thing Monday morning - May 21. The US Jetting - California warehouse will remain open tomorrow for west coast shipments.
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US Jetting doesn’t just sell the best NEW jetter on the market. We also take pride in servicing all the OLD units that are out there all around the world. We have jetters out there that are 27 years old and still clearing drains like a boss. Our jetters are built to last. We do have Authorized Service Centers/Dealers all across North America, US Jetting - California and Jessie Ellis, our traveling technician aka Road Warrior, that comes to you to service your jetters in the southeast but he doesn’t stop there. When he is home he services jetters that customers bring to our main office in Georgia US Jetting. Jessie is hardworking, knowledgeable and FAST! US Jetting doesn’t just sell you a piece of equipment and leave it at that. We are here for you to keep your jetter running, keep things flowing and keep you busy making money. Contact us today to schedule a service appointment! 770-740-9917
Another batch of red, white and blue soldiers ready to dispatch. Headed to Guam, Australia, California and a town near you! We are helping you keep things flowing all over the world. 🌎
Nick @nwoodheadjetman and Sally Woodhead @usjetsally are making their rounds at the #ifat show in Germany 🇩🇪 

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Day 1 👍🏻🇩🇪
US Jetting will be hosting a TECH DAY at our Georgia office June 21st. We will be training everyone  on jetter safety, operation, maintenance and service. Contact us today to sign up and get your whole crew “US Jetting Certified”! 770-740-9927
Happy Mother’s Day!!
Lucy, Brian and Bobbi 🎸 packing up a few units headed to Australia 🇦🇺


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This is a 4025. Very powerful and versatile.

1 month ago

US Jetting
We've got 5 of these left! Get them while you still can!
Order on line at…3/8″ WARTHOG MINI SUPER SPIN – WU is an extremely effective tool for grease, hair roots, and sewer cleaning applications in 2 – 6” pipes with 4000 PSI at 10 ...
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Video image

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We’ve got a ton of hoses in stock! Order online at or give us a call and place your order today! 770-740-9917


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Any specials on those hoses?

Great job @usjetsally Roto Rooter Fam and thank you to all that donated to a great cause! $17,000!! It is great to give something back! ADNP Kids - ADNP neuro-genetic related Autism syndrome greatly appreciates it! Much love to all!

#Repost @usjetsally with @get_repost

I’m so excited right now!! Between the RRFA, Roto Rooter Franchises, US Jetting and vendors who donated we raised $16,893.00 for ADNP Kids! This is the most money we have EVER raised!! Thank you to everyone who donated! You are amazing!! Special shout out to Abby Zaffuto for all your help! You are the real hero in organizing it all! #usjetting #rrfa #adnpkids #funrun2018


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On behalf of our entire ADNPkids community, we are so extremely grateful to have you select the ADNP Kids Research Foundation as your charity. I have just sent $10,000 of it to our project ADNP SYNDROME STUDY AT THE SEAVER CENTER AT MOUNT SINAI FOR RESEARCH AND TREATMENT which is a study to develope precision approaches to the treatment of individuals with ADNP Syndrome. Your donation is already funding and important research project. 👍

Happy Cinco de Mayo!!! 
Have a great weekend! 
Be safe out there
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