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Nick Woodhead and Travis Bohm are making rounds throughout the North East United States! Visiting Customers, delivering new units, training technicians and helping everyone with all their jetting needs. Contact us today for quotes, schedule a demo, order parts, hoses, accessories, make a service appointment or schedule The BETTER JETTER Training program! 
US Jetting units come stock with everything you need. We also build to your specs so you can choose additional accessories to make you job easier! Contact us today and we can build you the perfect jetter for you!

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Taking this little baby to her new home tomorrow morning! 😊 #usjetting #thebetterjetter
US Jetting had a busy week last week! PHCC Shows in Georgia and 2 cities in California and the Roto Rooter Franchisee Association FUN RUN where we were able to give something back and benefit KDNP kids! Great to see all of you! Let’s keep it going and keep things flowing! Have a great week!

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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for everyone who showed up this morning!! We had a great 7am turnout for the 27th RRFA Fun Run! #adnpkids #usjetting #rotorooter if you would like to donate please go to
Thanks to everyone that was able to stop by our booth at the PHCC GA Show!
Mark and Nick also trained BSR Contractors on their fully loaded 4025 yesterday. When they left they were headed directly to jet a 24” culvert with their new Beast! Congrats boys! Enjoy! #beastmode #4025 #wearethebetterjetter #usjetting
Mark and Nick trained Charles Luts  Enterprises on their new 4018 yesterday. Congratulations. We hope you enjoy your jetter! #thebetterjetter #usjetting
Congrats to the guys & gals at Bonney Plumbing!! We hope you enjoy your new 4018 Jetter! #usjetting #thebetterjetter 
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US Jetting will be all over the country this week! Nick and Sally Woodhead will be in Orlando, Florida April 17-21 for the ROTO ROOTER FRANCHISEES ASSOCIATION FUN RUN and Conference benefits go to ADNP kids. Get at @usjetsally to donate or bid on a silent auction for an RPD NOZZLE KIT. Adrian Cortez will be at the PHCC Show in Pleasanton, California April 18. Mark Jeffries and Kaitlyn Stalnaker will be at the PHCC Show in Marietta, GA April 19th. Adrian Cortez will be at the PHCC Show in San Diego April 21!

Contact us to day if you would like to get together and take advantage of some great show specials! 770-740-9917


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That’s a sharp looking jett


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Nick Edelman

Hal Conger with Conger Plumbing - Mr. Rooter in North Carolina had never owned a US Jet before but a couple of years ago he decided to make the investment. In less than a year, he was blown away by how well the machine performed and the money he made with it. He and his team were so impressed with it that they decided to order a second unit. Justin Episcopo delivered this unit and trained the whole Mr. Rooter/Conger crew! He will be with them every step of the way for all their Jetting needs. #wearethebetterjetter #usjetting #thebetterjetter


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Good job

Great work Justin

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So cant wait The jetter is done and Seth is hooked up. I just want my jetter back from Seth 🤗🤗🤗🤗 @usjetting killed it on this rebuild all new boxes fenders etc... No more steel all aluminum. New control panel with remote so stoked!! Big shout out to @usjetsally and Chris!! 🙌🙌🙌 They will take care of you!! #usjetting #yetter#jetter#plumber#plumbing #drainguys#california#toolsofthetrade #drainmob
Lookin sharp Cobb County Water System 😎
#jetspotting #whattheheckisthat #wearethebetterjetter #usjetting #thebetterjetter
Sally and Mark  getting “Creative” 😉diagnosing a jetting unit in for service while Sally was in town on “vacation.” Lol she’s always working! Hope you hade a safe flight back to US Jetting - California! Great to see you!
Vactor Dealers! There are vast amounts of money to be made with the US Jetting built VACTOR Ramjet! If you don’t have a demo unit yet you are missing out! Some dealers are renting out multiple units so the jetter pays for itself and it ultimately leads to the renter buying a new unit once they see what it can do for them. These jetters are in high demand for our contractors and municipal costumers and we are directing  them to you. Vactor and US Jetting make a great team and jetting unit with full local support, service and parts from a Vactor dealer in your area as well as full support from US Jetting. Give us a call! 770-740-9917 

Go to and look at the map on the home page to find a Vactor Dealer/Authorized US Jetting Service Center near you!Image attachment
Congratulations to Larry and RK&B Plumbing on getting their first US Jetting unit. He has other jetters but they are not the caliber of the US Jetting 4018 - 300. Because the 4018 is so efficient he will be using it mainly for preparing pipes for relining.  Welcome to the family RK&B! #wearethebetterjetter #usjetting #thebetterjetter
We will be closed tomorrow Friday, March 30th in observance of Good Friday. We hope that you all have a Happy Easter and a wonderful weekend! We will see you again on Monday, All Things New.  🙌🏼🙏🏼
Another shipment full of jetters hoses and equipment are headed out to US Jetting - California
Get em while they’re hot!! 🥞


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Sewer line??????

Check out this Jetting unit that a customer converted from a trailer to truck mounted unit! 😆👍🏼👏🏻🙌🏼 keep in mind when you order a new jetter you have mounting options. Open trailer, enclosed trailer (heated or not), Open Flat-bed truck mounted, enclosed truck mounted, VAN PACK or custom mounting onto any vehicle. We can build to your specs. #wearethebetterjetter  #usjetting #thebetterjetter
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@chris_rooter check our your new baby!! ❤️😊❤️
Heads up Sewer Equipment Company Australia 🇦🇺 SECA! We’ve got a container with some goodies in it headed your way. Let us know when you get the jetters and the pint glasses! Cheers! 🍻 @callan_sewer_equipment_comp_au  @ Sydney, AustraliaImage attachment


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That’s a rad glass! How do I score one?

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Doing the kinking test on the 3/16” hose. Pretty good! Left is the piranha and right is our brand! ✅ ✅
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