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Key Differences Between Sewer Jetters

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When people are new to the jetting industry, the choices and prices can be overwhelming. High pressure jetting can range from small pressure washers for rent at Home Depot all the way to huge industrial 10K+ high-pressure units. The most important thing to consider when reviewing the amass of options is what you need your machine for.

Consider this – if you were needing to haul rocks for a day, a pickup truck will do the job. However, if you are hauling rocks for a living, then a pickup won’t work long-term. The same concept can be applied to jetters. You can get a small sewer jetter for a cheap price that will work in the short term, but when it comes to making a sustainable career in the jetting industry, you need equipment that will last for the long haul.

What pressure and flow do I need?

A common misconception is that hot water is necessary to properly clean a pipe. As you can read in our prior hot water jetter blog, hot water jetting machines are not only more expensive and difficult to maintain in the long run, they also aren’t any more effective in cleaning pipes and can actually be a hindrance. In reality, the best way to clean a pipe is to match the appropriate pressure and flow.

For most contractors, the 4018 jetting unit is the perfect hydro jetter for their needs. This machine can clean lines from 2”-18” with the right nozzles, which gives the jet operator the versatility to work in residential pipes and larger storm drains. The sweet spot for the 4000PSI at 18GPM unit is really between 2”-12”, so if you find that you are regularly working in 12”+ drains, then the step up to the 4025 (4000PSI at 25GPM) would be the next great option. Many municipal customers prefer even higher flow, going into the 3000PSI at 30GPM or 2000PSI at 40 GPM options. To understand what jetting machine truly fits your needs, speak to your US Jetting representative.

What water tank size should I choose?

Water tank capacity is often determined by your access to water on your jetting jobs and how much water flow your sewer jetter has. Machines that use 25GPM+ tend to get 600-gallon water tanks or larger to keep the machines running for longer.

What nozzles should I get?

There is an abundance of jetter nozzles available specific to applications. Depending on whether you’re working in roots, grease, sand, sludge, or heavy debris will all determine what style nozzle you need. To learn more about matching your sewer nozzles to your application, call your US Jetting representative.

Can My Jetter also be a Pressure Washer?

Yes. While pressure washing is not the most common application for hydro jetter machines, they can easily be turned into pressure washers by adding a dump gun. Most guns come with pencil tips or fan tips depending on what you’re cleaning.

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