Jet Nozzle Pros and Cons: Everything You Need to Know About How to Choose a Jet Nozzle

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If the world of jet nozzles feels a little overwhelming, we get it. There are seemingly endless jet nozzle options, all in different shapes and sizes, some with unique features, others that just seemed designed for the basics. Not only is it hard to tell these nozzles apart and gauge which is best for your application, but the price of the nozzles also ranges dramatically. Some are a few hundred dollars, and some are a few thousand. You’re working with a budget, so it’s important to know when it is worthwhile to buy a more expensive sewer cleaning nozzle and when it isn’t. How do you make the best choices? This guide can help. In it, we’ll walk you through the basics of choosing a nozzle for your specific application. If you need more direction, you can always contact the experts at US Jetting.

Jet Nozzles for Different Purposes

There are general-purpose hydro jet nozzles that are ideal for a range of circumstances, like cleaning out mid-sized pipes. However, there are also jet nozzles that have specific purposes. Often you will find those unusually shaped nozzles give you an advantage when cleaning out certain kinds of pipes or performing certain jobs.

For example, some nozzles are meant specifically for working in culverts. One is the sand and sludge nozzle, which is designed to sit on top of even heavy debris, which gives the rear jets the right angle to clear out the sludge.

Other jet nozzle designs that lend special advantages include:

  • Egg nozzles: The egg shape of these nozzles is an advantage when moving through the pipe. You will find that these nozzles have more mobility in round pipes. The rear jets propel these nozzles forward.
  • ENZ bend rotodrill: When you need to maneuver your sewer cleaning nozzles around traps and bends, you’ll want to choose a nozzle like this which is specifically designed for it.
  • RPD jetter nozzle: This nozzle and others like it have designs that minimize the internal water turbulence in the pipe and improve overall fluid dynamics.

There are many other nozzles for other purposes. We can help.

Different Nozzles for Different Pipe Sizes

When choosing a nozzle, you will need to ensure it will fit inside of the pipe that you’re trying to work with, and also that it isn’t too small for the pipe. Many of our nozzles are available in several sizes so that you can get them into any of the different-sized pipes you may be working on.

PSI and Jetter Types Matter for Nozzles

When choosing a sewer cleaning nozzle, you also have to ensure that the nozzle is approved for the PSI of your equipment and the specific equipment that you are using. For example, the sand and sludge nozzle we offer works specifically with our 4018 hydro jetter, but you may also be able to get it configured for your other equipment if need be. However, other nozzles will be able available in a wider range of sizes by default, especially if they are designed for more all-purpose sewer jetting work.

Nozzle Features and Accessories

There are also additional features that nozzles may have to improve their performance. Sometimes you can add an accessory to a nozzle to make it more suitable for the kind of work you would like to do. Options include:

  • Flexibility: Flexible heads and necks on nozzles help you maneuver the line in the pipe, which helps you get the head to where it needs to be.
  • Spinning: When you need to clean every surface within the pipe, to 360 degrees, then you need a spinning nozzle which, by rotating, ensures the jet can clean off the entire pipe, ideally without streaking.
  • Extensions: You can purchase nozzle extensions that help keep nozzles from flipping over when in larger drains or culverts.

Get Professional Support from US Jetting

The team at US Jetting knows a great deal about hydro jet nozzles and can help you make the best decisions with your equipment. Talk to us about the kind of work you need to perform, and we’ll make recommendations, taking into account your budget, your equipment, and any other needs that you have. We can assist everyone from residential plumbers to those who run large municipal facilities. Contact us today.

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