Getting Started with High-Pressure Hose Kits: Tips and Tricks

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For hydro jetting professionals, using the right hose is essential for safety and success. These durable tools ensure that all blockages are effectively cleared while giving pipes a long-lasting clean.

Besides the standard hydro jetting hoses that come with a unit, there are numerous hose kits available designed for specific cleaning jobs. Utilizing specialized hose kits allows operators to equip themselves with the tools needed to complete specific types of jobs successfully. These kits, such as mini and micro hose kits and inlet garden hose kits expand the versatility of jetting units.

This blog will highlight the features of these kits as well as professional tips and tricks to use these accessories properly. Ready to dive in? Let’s explore some of the benefits of jetting hose kits for your business.

The Role of Hydro Jetting Hoses

Having a high quality hydro jetting hose is an essential component of any jetting unit. These specially designed hoses are engineered to withstand intense pressure. When a jetting operator arrives on a job site, it is necessary to select the correct hose which corresponds with the size of the pipe that is to be serviced. They must also ensure they use the correct pressure and flow rate (GPM) because every hose has a maximum working pressure.

Once the proper hose has been selected and a nozzle has been attached to the end, they will travel through the length of a pipe, propelled by the jetter’s highly concentrated stream of water.

Micro and Mini Jet Kits: An Overview

With the right accessories, hydro jetting operators can expand the versatility of their units, allowing them to tackle a wide range of jobs. Hose kits, such as the ultimate mini cleaning kit and extreme micro cleaning kit, quickly and easily diversify the uses of hydro jetters. Some of their advantages are mentioned below:

  • Effectively clean smaller lines: These kits are perfect for jetting residential and restaurant lines clogged with grease or other debris.
  • Maximize a jetter’s usage: Sewer jetting machines are designed to clean a wide range of pipes and plumbing systems such as municipal lines or those located in large facilities. Hose kits allow operators to take their services to smaller locations, expanding their business opportunities.
  • Minimal investment: Mini and micro hose kits range in price from $195.00-$799.00. Investing in these products can offer operators a large return on their investment as they will be able to jet residential drains and lines – a common job that represents a large portion of hydro jetting calls.
  • Quickly find the right nozzles: Depending on the type of kit you are interested in, one or more compatible nozzles are included. Not only do these nozzles work with mini or micro hoses, eliminating the need to track down the correct nozzle size, they are also included in the kit with a specific purpose in mind. For example, the mini hose kit comes with a ball jet nozzle. This spherical nozzle is ideal for managing tight bends, which are commonly found in residential areas where mini kits are used.

Now that we have a better understanding of micro and mini kits, let’s look at the specific features of these kits:

Mini (1/4″) Jetter Hose Kits

  • 1/4” hose with 1/8” ends that pair with a 1/8” nozzle.
  • It has a flow rate of 8 GPM.
  • Fittings included in the kit allow the hose to connect to a 1/2″ hose.
  • This hose can be used in 2-4” pipes (or 4” pipes with many bends and curves)
  • It can maneuver bends easily.
  • Ideal for jetting smaller residential lines to remove blockages and provide a thorough cleaning.
  • Available in 100’, 150’, and 200’ hose lengths.

Micro (3/16”) Jetter Hose Kits

  • 3/16” hose with 1/8” ends that pair with 1/8” nozzle.
  • Smallest diameter high-pressure hose kit available.
  • Comes with two fittings: a 1/8″end to attach a nozzle and a 1/4″ end to attach a 1/2″ swivel fitting.
  • It has a flow rate of 5 GPM.
  • Can be used to clean pipes ranging in diameter from 1-3”.
  • Effectively cleans residential and restaurant lines.
  • Able to move easily around pipe bends.
  • Available in 75’ and 100’ hose lengths.

Tips for Using Mini and Micro Jetter Hose Kits

Ready to experience the efficient cleaning power of mini and micro hose kits for yourself? Before using these kits, it is essential to cover some helpful tips and tricks. This information will ensure these accessories are used properly to successfully complete your hydro jetting job:

  • Use the correct jetting unit and pressure: Mini and micro hose kits can be used on any hydro jetter that is 4000 PSI and below. It’s most commonly used with 4018 hydro jetters, because it allows these machines to jet in smaller residential lines. The pressure of the mini or micro hose must match or be lower than the pressure of the hydro jetter. Always check the working pressure of your hose and never exceed that number to prevent damage or injuries on a job site.
  • Choosing the right nozzle: A 1/8″ sewer jetter kit will work with both the mini and micro hose kits although the GPM requirement will be different for the two hoses. While both hoses have 1/8″ ends, the flow for the micro hose is 5GPM and for the mini hose it’s 8GPM.
  • Understanding the bypass valve: When using any hose that is smaller than the standard sewer hose that comes with a jetting machine, it is essential to open the bypass valve. This allows the water flow to return to the water tank, while reducing the flow of water to the end of the nozzle. If the bypass valve isn’t opened, the pressure will spike and cause the pressure disc to blow or the unloader valve to unload.

Learning More About Inlet Garden Hose Kits

In addition to micro and mini hose kits, another popular hose kit used by plumbing professionals is the inlet garden hose kit.

This is a low-pressure hose is not dissimilar from a regular garden hose. It is designed to attach to any regular hose spicket or bib. While it cannot be used to perform hydro jetting services, this hose plays a helpful role in filling up a unit’s water tank.

To use this kit, one end of the hose attaches to a spicket, and the other end attaches to the hydrant hose adapter on the rear of the unit, filling the tank with the water necessary to blast away dirt and debris during a jetting job.

Looking for High-Pressure Hose Kits?

With unparalleled knowledge and experience, US Jetting has built a reputation as an industry leader in developing quality hydro jetters and accessories. Our jetting experts can help you enhance the versatility of your jetter with our range of hose kits.

Whether you’re looking to expand your services or want to ensure you have the correct tools in the event of an unexpected call, let us work with you to ensure you have the right hose kits for every job that comes your way.

To learn more about our products and services, give our team a call today.

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