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7 Things to Know Before Buying a Sewer Jetter

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Choosing a sewer jetter is a big investment and not one to take lightly. This essential piece of equipment should serve you for years, and its function and durability will either make your job easier or make it harder. Of course, you also want to make sure that the specific jetter you choose is correct for the job you have in mind. Here are seven things you should know before you buy a sewer jetter.

1. Sewer Jetter Rental is an Option

Rentals often make more sense. A rental allows you to keep costs low if you are just starting out. It allows you to test our different jetters to see which is right for you too.

2. The Terms GPM and PSI

GPM stands for gallons per minute while PSI is pressure in a square inch. Both are used to measure the output and strength of your jetter, and you may need very high GPM and/or PSI for your task.

3. Hot Versus Cold Water

While most jetters use cold water, some jobs require hot water, in this case, you need to use a jetter specific to hot water.

4. You Need to Buy Hose

Hose is sold separately from your jetting equipment so that you can get the proper length, strength, and type you need for your tasks. Ensure that your hose can handle the PSI that your hydro jetter creates.

5. You Need to Buy Accessories

It is recommended to start with the right accessories including repair kits. Places that have sewer jetters for sale should also sell the accessories.

6. Truck-Mounted Sewer Jetters are Useful

You can buy smaller sewer jetters that will mount directly onto your truck. This creates easy transportation to different job sites, or different locations at your facility, much simpler.

7. You Can Get Custom Sewer Jetters

US Jetting offers various features and configurations for sewer jetters. If none of our models fit your needs, we can create a completely custom model for you.

Professional Guidance is Available

The team at US Jetting has many sewer jetters for sales and experts who can explain their features and uses to you. Reach out to discuss your options, including sewer jetter rental.

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