Swage Repair Machine & Fittings

US Jetting Swage Machine & Dies

Portable US Jetting Swage Machine allows for high pressure jetting hose repairs anytime or anyplace. Hand powered self-contained hydraulic system with assorted dies securely crimps replacement fittings on hose ends.

High pressure jetting hoses can be repaired with a single coupler or two separate couplers, one with a male threaded end and one with a female swivel end.

swivel connectors

Top: Single, one piece hose connector.
Bottom: Male coupler & female swivel coupler for two separate hose repairs.

Swage Machine

US Jetting Swage Machine & Dies

Replacement High Pressure Hose Couplers

Replacement couples are available in several styles and various diameters. Please specify hose manufacturer and diameter when ordering.

Replacement High Pressure Hose Couplers

Style A
Coupler with male swivel end, used for connecting high pressure jetting hose to hose reel. Not recommended for use at nozzle connection end of hose.

Style B
Double compression coupler for connection of two high pressure jetting hose sections.

Style C
Coupler with fixed male threaded end.

Style D
Coupler with female swivel threaded connector. Swivel movement is eliminated when tightened.