6000 PSI US Jetting Jetter

Narrow Track Jet Units

The popular export US Jetting Narrow Track Series is now available for sale in the United States. The Narrow Track Series incorporates all of the standard unit features on a narrower trailer with a 200 or 300 gallon water storage tank. This slim design has proven to be a popular export choice for transport on smaller roads that are common abroad. The new design allows units to be easily towed by medium duty service vans or pickup trucks here in the US.

Narrow Track Series units can be manufactured with various pressures and flows to suit any function. Engine type and gallons per minute will depend on what type of unit is chosen and what the application is.

Reel Options
Reel Options Uses
Standard 180° Pivot The Standard 180° Pivot Reel pivots on its own axis. It allows the operator to line up with the man hole or pipe during jetting.
Hydraulic Power Pull-Out The Hydraulic Power Pull-Out enables the operator to extend the reel beyond the frame allowing the unit to easily line up with the manhole or pipe. This helps when the operator is not able to align the unit completely with the manhole.
Dual Reel Dual reels give a high pressure unit versatility to work in various sized pipes with different pressure and flow. Changing the hose and pressure allows the operator to do multiple functions with just one unit.

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Custom Color Options*
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*Custom Color Options are available for an additional cost.

Narrow Track Jet Units

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