Flusher Jet Units

Little Jet Units

Good things do come in small packages. US Jetting has a line of small high pressure jetting units for start-up companies, apartment complexes, schools, housing authorities and hospitals. These units are designed to provide maximum cleaning power for small operating budgets. Based on a 2 or 3 cylinder water cooled diesel engine, these units are available with a 4,000 PSI at 10 GPM or 3,000 PSI at 12 GPM. They generally come with a 150 gallon water tank, but are available with larger tanks if required.

Reel Options
Reel Options Uses
Standard Pivot The Standard Pivot Reel pivitos on its own axis. It allows the operator to line up with the manhole or pipe during jetting.
Hydraulic Power Pull-Out The Hydraulic Power Pull-Out enables the operator to easily extend the reel beyond the frame so it can move 180 Degrees.

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Custom Color Options*
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*Custom color options are available for an additional cost.

Photo Gallery
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