US Jetting Dual Output Jetter Units

Enclosed Truck Jetter Units

Enclosed Truck Units are another great option offered by US Jetting. The Enclosed Truck Unit provides security for high pressure jetters, protection from weather, and also creates a large surface area for high impact advertising graphics. It is a great option for customers in colder climates, as it allows the unit to be functional even in freezing conditions.

Insulated truck bodies are equipped with heaters to keep units working throughout harsh winters. Hot water from the truck's engine provides heat for air circulation within the body during transport. A self-contained anti-freeze system provides equipment protection when unit is parked outside overnight in freezing weather.

All US Jetting units can be installed within an Enclosed Truck, and the normal features are still available. Hose reels, tool boxes, water storage tanks, etc. can all be custom manufactured to fit inside the truck body.

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