US Jetting Dual Output Jetter Units

Enclosed Trailer Jetter Units

To increase accessibility and usability of high pressure jetting units, US Jetting created an Enclosed Trailer Unit. The main benefit to an enclosed trailer is the ability to keep the jetting unit functioning in sub-freezing temperatures. The insulated trailers are equipped with heaters that can be plugged into an outlet when parked, a much easier substitute than winterizing a unit.

Other benefits of the trailer include the added security of having the unit covered, plus the ability to attach the trailer to any vehicle capable of pulling the unit. This way, even if a truck is down, the unit can be attached to a new vehicle and continue to run smoothly.

In addition to the security and protection provided by the Enclosed Trailer, the large surface area is a great opportunity for high impact advertising. US Jetting can work with trailer manufacturers to have the unit wrapped or painted as needed.

Any US Jetting high pressure units can be fitted within the trailer and the trailer body can be custom manufactured to ensure space for tools, cameras, and shelving etc.

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