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Economy Jetter Units

The 4000 PSI (275 Bar) at 18 GPM Economy Unit is a more affordable option than a regular 4018, yet still has many of the same capabilities. The same pressure and gallons per minute will allow for excellent cleaning power and some cutting power. It will efficiently clear roots, grease, and debris from pipes ranging from 1" - 24".

The Economy 4018 has a Hatz 3 Cylinder Non-Silent Engine and a Comet Pump. The unit has only has one small aluminum tool box near the hose reel and has rounded fenders, giving it a different look than the regular 4018. It is generally fitted with 300 - 600 gallon tanks, but is able to adapt to various tank sizes.

Economy vs. Standard Unit

Features in Common
•  Non-Silent Hatz Engine
•  Non-Run Dry Pump
•  Rounded Fenders
•  Quad Box Mounted in Rear
•  Hatz Engine
•  4000PSI at 18GPM
•  Pulsation System
•  Flow By-Pass Valve
•  2" Water Tank Fill Connection
•  500ft of 1/2" High Pressure Hose
•  Key Start Ignition
•  Aluminum Wheels
•  Anti-Freeze System
•  Standard Pivot Reel
•  Inlet Water Filter
•  Belt Driven
•  LED Trailer Lighting System
•  Beacon Light
•  Silent Pack Hatz Engine
•  US Jetting Run-Dry Pump
•  Squared Fenders
•  Mounted Toolbox on Each Fender

Economy Unit Specifications

Photo Gallery
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