US Jetting Dual Output Jetter Units

Dual Output Jetter Units

The Dual Reel Units are designed specifically for contractors and municipalities that cover a wide range of cleaning applications and need the versatility of two jetting units in a single package. These units can offer varying degrees of both high flow and high pressure. For example, a Dual Reel Unit could work at 3000PSI 40GPM using a 3/4" hose to flush out large pipes, and then change to a 1/2" hose and work at 3000PSI 18GPM for smaller pipes.

After choosing what pressures and flows are necessary for the customer's application, the engine, pump, and hose sizes must be selected accordingly. When deciding on pressure and flow, start from the highest pressure and highest flow needed for the application and work down from there. Please contact a US Jetting sales associate for help in this selection process.

Dual Reel Units are fitted with two hydraulic reels that carry a minimum of 500ft of jetting hose on each reel. The reels are power pull-outs which allow the unit operator to easily line the machine up with the work area.

Custom Color Options*
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*Custom color options are available for an additional cost.

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