Curbside Jetter Units

Curbside Jetter Unit

US Jetting has worked with major truck body manufacturers to come up with the innovative idea of combining a high pressure jetting unit with a utility service van. This created an all-purpose vehicle for sewer and drain cleaning contractors.

All curbside units can be custom manufactured to meet customer specifications. Once an order is placed, the truck chassis are sent to the truck body manufacturer for truck body and shelving installation. The completed truck units are then forwarded to US Jetting for installation and testing of the selected high pressure jetting system. Depending upon the truck chassis, any of the US Jetting high pressure units can be installed in a truck body while preserving interior body space for cameras, parts and tool storage. Custom space saving water tanks are fitted within the interior shelving system to allow for a center walk-through aisle.

A curbside roll-up door provides access to the hydraulic or electric powered hose reel while maintaining obstacle free rear door access to the truck body interior. These units can also be ordered with an interior service body heater for operation in cold weather areas.

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