6000 PSI US Jetting Jetter

6000 PSI Jetter Units

The 6000 PSI (413 Bar) unit is an extremely powerful machine that is perfect for tackling thick roots, tough scale, tuberculation, and large masses in pipes. This is an extremely versatile unit for an operator who wants to do more than just drain cleaning. With the capability of going anywhere from 2000 PSI (137 Bar) to 6000 PSI (413 Bar) with the change of pressure and a nozzle, the applications can vary from heavy duty clearing and cutting to general pipe cleaning.

Gallons Per Minute Options
Gallons Per Minute Applications
16 GPM
  • Great unit that is very versatile
  • Superb cutting power
  • Ideal for thick roots
  • Requires at least 65 horsepower
  • Suitable for pipe sizes up to 18"
14 GPM
  • More economical unit
  • Less flow and is better in smaller pipes
  • Requires at least 50 horsepower
  • Suitable for pipe sizes up to 16"

Engine Options
Engine Options Horsepower
Hatz 3 Cylinder Silent/Non-Silent Pack 50
Hatz 4 Cylinder Silent/Non-Silent Pack 66

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Reel Options
Reel Options Uses
Standard 180° Pivot The Standard 180° Pivot Reel pivots on its own axis. It allows the operator to line up with the man hole or pipe during jetting.
Hydraulic Power Pull-Out The Hydraulic Power Pull-Out enables the operator to extend the reel beyond the frame allowing the unit to easily line up with the manhole or pipe. This helps when the operator is not able to align the unit completely with the manhole.
Dual Reel Dual reels give a high pressure unit versatility to work in various sized pipes with different pressure and flow. Changing the hose and pressure allows the operator to do multiple functions with just one unit.

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Custom Color Options*
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*Custom color options are available for an additional cost.

6000 PSI Unit Specifications
5000 PSI US Jetting Jetter

Photo Gallery
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