US Jetting Sand & Wedge Nozzles

Sand & Sludge Jet Nozzles

The Sand & Sludge Nozzle is a great nozzle to use in pipes with heavy dirt and debris. The flat surface of the nozzle helps to glide over the deposits in large diameter pipes and then flush the debris back. Fabricated from a solid block of stainless steel, the Sand & Sludge Nozzle has a double beveled & rounded front to allow for easy movement over sludge.

There are four replaceable rear jets on the Sand & Sludge Nozzle: two 45° fan jets and two 0° degree jets. This rear jet pressure helps the nozzle to flush out all of the debris in pipe. The medium weight of the nozzle (7 lbs) helps to keeps the nozzle on the bottom of large diameter pipes so it can provide a thorough cleaning. The weight plus the flat design allows the nozzle to turn over without any loss of efficiency.

A Drain Jet Extension should always be used with a Sand & Sludge Nozzle to protect the high pressure hose against abrasive damage due to flying debris. In addition, Drain Jet Extensions provide added weight to keep the nozzle at the bottom of the pipe and keep the nozzle from turning back within the pipe.

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