Penetrator Jet Nozzles

The US Jetting Penetrator is a great nozzle to use in pipes with hard blockages. The close position between the forward jet and five rear jets makes this nozzle one of the most effective for removing hard debris. The forward jet only has to bore a small opening in a blockage to allow the full cleaning force of the rear jets to clear remainder of blockage. Once a fully bored hole is create, a larger diameter nozzle can be used to more thoroughly clean the pipe.

The US Jetting Penetrator nozzle is available with 1/2" male or female thread only, but adapters are available for 3/4" hoses. It is excellent to use in pipes with ice or any other hard blockages.

Cleaning a pipe blocked with hard industrial sediment buildup requires the use of several types of nozzles and special jetting techniques. A US jetting Penetrator nozzle attached to a 12" Drain Jet Extension is first used to bore a straight hole through the blockage. The Penetrator Nozzle has a small 3/4" diameter head with a single forward jet that only has to bore a 5/8" hole to bring the full force of the remaining jets in contact with the blockage. After the Penetrator Nozzle has formed a hole, it should be followed through by a RPD nozzle or SuperSpin nozzle that can clear out remaining debris.

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