US Jetting Hummer Nozzle

Hummer Nozzles

This new US Jetting nozzle combines the forward orbital spray pattern with rear jets for propulsion. The concentrated high speed front spray pattern is a zero degree stream of water rotating in a 30 degree orbital path providing intense penetration and cleaning. This concentrated water stream can bore through the hardest blockage or the toughest root mass.

The Hummer Nozzle is currently available for use with 4018 machines only. The main component of the Hummer Nozzle is the front internal rotor that creates the 30 degree orbital spray pattern. The internal rotor and seal are easily changed in the field, making it a very versatile nozzle.

The Hummer Nozzle also has three 15° rear jets with the option of 3 additional 30° rear jets. All jets are replaceable.

US Jetting Hummer Nozzle

Six rear jets provide propulsion with 3 nozzles set at 15 degree angles and 3 nozzles set at 30 degree angles. All jets are replaceable.

The Hummer Nozzle on a test bed cutting a hole into a plank of plywood. This demonstrates the cutting power of the Hummer Nozzle at 4,000 PSI and 18 GPM.

Orbital front spray pattern easily bores through blockages and root masses. Nozzle is propelled by 6 rear replaceable jets.