Grenade Bomb Jetter Nozzles

The Grenade Bomb is a great nozzle to use in pipes with a large volume of debris. The heavy weight of the nozzle keeps it at the bottom of the pipe where it can easily disperse mud, sludge, or any other blockages.

The Grenade Bomb has a minimum of 6 rear ceramic jets for maximum cleaning efficiency. It can be ordered with 0º pencil jets or 15º fan jets. The rear jets makes the Grenade Bomb ideal to use in long runs as it has the maximum thrust needed to go great distances. It can be used in pipes as small as 6 inches in diameter.

Grenade Bombs can be ordered and configured for use in pressures up to 8,000 PSI.

Available In:
  • 6 Rear 1 Forward
  • 6 Rear
  • 8 Rear 1 Forward
  • 8 Rear

Available Configurations

3/8" Inch

1/2" Inch

3/4" Inch

1" Inch

1-1/4" Inch

Photo Gallery

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