Dragon Jet Nozzles

Dragon Jet Nozzles are the heaviest nozzles (17 lbs) offered by US Jetting for the cleaning of large diameter pipes. Constructed of steel and naval brass with a steel bottom ballast plate, the Dragon Jet Nozzles provide some of the most effective large diameter pipe cleaning.

Four rear jets (2 zero degree jets and 2 fan jets) angled slightly downward provide both thrust and deep cleaning power while protecting the high pressure jetting hose from abrasive damage. Heavy round steel bars form a rollover cage designed to keep the Dragon Jet Nozzle upright within a pipe. A high pressure hose swivel is mounted at the rear of the nozzle which also assists in keeping the Dragon Jet upright.

Dragon Jet Nozzles are available for use with 1/2", 3/4" & 1" diameter high pressure jetting hose. Pressure and flow can be set with various sizes of zero degree and fan jets.
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