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Chisel Penetrator Nozzles have multiple forward firing jets that allow for maximum blockage penetration and debris movement. Most of the pressurized water flow is directed to the four forward jets to give the nozzle cutting and penetration power, while the four rear jets provide thrust for propulsion.

US Jetting offers two styles of Chisel Penetrator nozzles: the Enz Chisel and the US Jetting RPD Chisel. The Enz Chisel (pictured right) has inserts that allow for the nozzle body to be jetted for multiple flow & pressure requirements. It also has removable or replaceable ceramic nozzle inserts. The US Jetting RPD Chisel nozzle (pictured left) is a variant of the US Jetting RPD nozzle series that offer a two-piece design for easy cleaning of internal passages. It still provides excellent blockage penetration, but is a more economically priced nozzle.

Ceramic nozzle inserts are removable for cleaning or replacement. Inserts can be ordered in various sizes to obtain desired pressure & flows. Call US Jetting to order nozzles to match the pressure, flow and hose diameter.

Available Configurations

1" - Both Styles
4 Rear 4 Forward

3/4" - Both Styles
4 Rear 4 Forward

1/2" - Both Styles
4 Rear 4 Forward

3/8" - Both Styles
4 Rear 4 Forward

1/8" - Enz Only
4 Rear 4 Forward

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