Pipe Wolf Turbine

Pipe Wolf Turbine

The Pipe Wolf Turbine Nozzle is the nozzle to use in tough blockage situations. It is specifically designed to get through complete obstructions in pipes caused by roots, silt, grease, etc. The Pipe Wolf Nozzle is made from tempered stainless steel. The nozzle head is turbine driven and spins at approx. 6000 - 12000 rpm. For extreme applications, this is a highly efficient tool. The Pipe Wolf succeeds where standard hydrodynamic tools fail, thus increasing your productivity and reducing your operating cost.

The Pipe Wolf Turbine can work with hoses sized ½" to 1¼", and between 13 - 80 gpm.

Available Configurations

1/2 Inch

3/4 Inch

1 Inch

1¼ Inch

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