Turbo Chain Cutter Series

The innovative, highly reliable and efficient Turbo Chain Cutter offers superior drive and thrust. The chain retainer is driven by a high performance turbine, making it one of the best nozzles to use on tough debris.

The 4" Turbo Chain Cutter (as shown) is the perfect nozzle to use when working in lateral lines removing obstructions such as roots, calcium, grease, scale, and crust. The rotating chains help to cut through debris while the 6 rear jets thrust the nozzle forward and flush the blockages out.

Maintenance is simple with the Turbo Chain Cutter because lubrication isn’t necessary and the chain retainers are easily replaced. The nozzle is constructed from stainless steel and has replaceable threaded ceramic inserts.

The 4" Turbo Chain Cutter works with 1/2" hoses. For best results, mount Turbo Chain Cutter on a centralizer skid. This will keep the nozzle in the center of the pipe and ensure thorough cleaning.

For Turbo Chain Cutters that work with larger hose sizes, please call US Jetting Parts Department at 1-800-538-8464, and ask about the Turbo II Chain Cutter.

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