Flexible SuperSpin Nozzle

The Flexible SuperSpin Nozzle is specially designed for use in 4" to 8" pipes to negotiate difficult bends and turns. The two zero degree rear jets provide propulsion and flushing, while an angled front jet penetrates tough blockages. The oil lubricated controlled rotation technology works in unison with the jets to allow for 360 degrees of cleaning.

Flexible Super Spin Nozzles are most effective at cleaning grease filled pipes commonly found in restaurants and other types of food processing facilities. However, they are equally effective in removing roots from building lateral lines.

To enhance flexibility and maintain overall nozzle compactness, the nozzle body is mounted on 36 inches of 1/2" high pressure wire braided, rubber coated hose. An outer collar on the nozzle acts as a rotation free skid to protect the nozzle body.

Flexible SuperSpin Nozzles can be fitted or sized with jets for a maximum flow of 18 GPM at 2,000 to 4,000 PSI. Blocking front jet with an optional plug will help to increase pulling power and rear cleaning jet efficiency.

Available Configurations

Flexible SuperSpin Nozzle
2 Rear Jets, 1 Forward Jet

Flexible SuperSpin Nozzle with Descaling Head
4 Rear Jets

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