Mini SuperSpin Jetter Nozzles

There are two styles of Mini SuperSpin nozzles that are great to use in smaller pipes with tough debris.

The 3/8" model (pictured right) is the perfect nozzle to use in pipes sizes 3" to 6" with heavy grease or root blockages. The nozzle head is oil lubricated to slow down the rotation of the jets, giving the pipe a thorough clean. The 3/8" nozzle is designed to work with water flow from 6-12 GPM and pressures from 1500 PSI up to 4,000 PSI. With the change of a fitting, it can also attach to a 1/2" hose.

The 1/4" Mini SuperSpin Nozzle (pictured left) is the best nozzle to use in 2" to 4" pipes. It is a great option to use in residential lines with tough blockages. The 1/4" nozzle is most efficient when used at 3-8 GPM and between 2000-4000 PSI. It is water lubricated, but has no bearings, seals, or fluids to maintain, making it an easy nozzle to work with.

Both Mini SuperSpin nozzles have two rear jets to give them thrust and one forward jet to blast through blockages.

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