Chain Flail Nozzle

Chain Flail Nozzle

Water powered Chain Flail Nozzles or Chain Scrapers are very effective nozzles for removing mineral scale, hard grease deposits, or rust buildup within pipes. High pressure water is used to spin the nozzle, lubricate the bearing, and clean debris from the chains while providing propulsion. Chain Flail Nozzles were not designed to open clogged pipelines (to open clogged lines, please see Hummer Nozzle). The Chain Flail Nozzles were designed to remove leftover debris that high pressure water jetting alone could not remove.

High speed spinning chains utilize the centrifugal force providing powerful impact to remove all types of buildup within pipes. Repetitive spinning of chain erodes away at the buildup until the full extended length of the chains is reached.

Chain Flail Nozzles are available for use with high pressure hose connection diameters from 1/4" to 1". Changeable chain sets allow the Chain Flail to be used in different sized pipes. Mini Chain Scrapers are available for use within 3 and 4 inch diameter pipes. Mini Chain Scrapers can be powered with 1/4" or 3/8" diameter high pressure jetting hose.

The Chain Flail Nozzle comes complete with a Skid attached in order to keep the nozzle centralized and stable. This also helps to reduce bearing drag and provides optimal rotation speed. The Chain Flail Nozzle and Skid can be sized for specific pipe diameters, or they are available in Multi-Chain Pipe Diameter Combination Kits. Kit sizes are listed below:
  • 3"-6" Pipes
  • 3"-8" Pipes
  • 8"-12" Pipes
  • 16"-32" Pipes
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