US Jetting Ball Jet Nozzle

Ball Jet Nozzles

US Jetting line of Ball Jet Nozzles are the most economical high pressure drain jets available. The round shape of the Ball Jet nozzle is designed specifically to be able to maneuver over joints and curves in pipes. They are a great option to use in damaged or broken pipes.

Ball Jet Nozzles are precision machined from high grade stainless steel. Nozzle orfices are drilled to precise diameters to guarantee accurate pressure and flow requirements for specific high pressure jetting units.

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All Ball Jets Available In:
  • 3 Rear 1 Forward
  • 6 Rear
Available Configurations

US Jetting Ball Jet Nozzle
1/2 inch
US Jetting Ball Jet Nozzle
3/8 inch
US Jetting Ball Jet Nozzle
1/4 inch (1/8 inch FTP)

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