Septic Leach Field

Jetting Grease From a Septic Drainfield

Working from the distribution box, perforated drain lines were jetted. Grease from a restaurant was discovered that could potentially cause complete drainfield failure.
US Jetting Septic Tank
As part of the jetting process, a septic tank was used to remove grease contaminated septage. An enzymes solution was prepared and then jetted into the leach field drain lines in an effort to further reduce grease contamination.

Cleaning sewer line from basement to septic tank. Using a flexible Super Spin Nozzle removes any root infiltration and grease buildup.

US Jetting Septic Tank

Jetting Leachate Lines in a Septic Field

US Jetting Septic Tank
Working from the distribution box, leachate lines are jetted using a rotary spinning nozzle. Septic truck vacuum hose is used to remove recovered debris. Rotary nozzle disrupts soil around perforated drain pipe holes. Chemical enzymes can be added to the water and spread (jetted) throughout the system.