Mini Jet Applications

Cleaning dloor drain wiht US Jetting Mini-Jet Kit and using a Gen 4 Wireless Remote Control

Mini-Jet Unit

Cleaning floor drain wiht a Mini-Jet Kit and Shop Vac

US Jetting Mini Jet Kit

Cleaning indirect drains at a resturant with a Mini-Jet Kit

US Jetting Mini-Jet

US Jetting Mini-Jet Kits cleaning lines from a vent stack

US Jetting Mini-Jetter

US Jetting Mini-Jet Kit is perfect for jetting 2" floor drains. High pressure jetting cuts pipe choking - grease accumulations restoring pipe to full flow capacity.

US Jetting Mini-Jet

US Jetting Mini-Jet Kit & Ergo Hose Cary Reel used to clean through a vent stack


MiniJet unit cleaning through an access point

US Jetting Mini-Jet

US Jetting Mini-Jet
Mini-jet Hose is the perfect accessory for high pressure jetting inlet & outlet lines of grease interceptors.

Cleaning a 2" Kitchen Sink Line in a Crawl Space

US Jetting Mini-Jet
Using a 1-1/8" hole saw to gain access to a 2" clogged kitchen sink line. The hole revealed the line to be full of food sludge. The line was cleaned using a Mini-Jet kit since there was little room for an electric cable machine. The hole was plugged with a reusable expansion plug.