CIPP Linings

LMK Technologies

LMK Technologies purchased this US Jetting 6018-750 Gallon unit to work with their new IBAK CCTV inspection truck as part of their T-Liner lateral lining process. The T-Liner Lateral lining system is installed from the main sewer line going up the lateral connection. The unit can operate at pressures up to 6,000 PSI to efficiently remove grease, roots and scale from the lateral pipe before installing a cured-in-place pipe T-LinerOperators inside the IBAK equipped truck can control the USJ 6018 jetting unit using the Gen 4 Wireless Remote Control System.

IBAK CCTV Inspection Systems

The LMK truck contains a wide array of advanced IBAK CCTV inspection equipment including a T76 Tractor; a LISY 3 Lateral Launch Module; a KW305 Cable Reel with 1,000LF of cable; ORION-L steerable pan & tilt camera; a ORPHEUS pan, tilt, and zoom camera and a RETRUS back eye camera.

Schwalm Lateral Reinstatement Cutters

The LMK CCTV truck also contains a Schwalm robotic lateral reinstatement cutter system. The Schwalm cutter is a tractor mounted cutter with a self-contained color pan & tilt camera. LMK Technologies is the exclusive dealer for Schwalm cutters in the USA.

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LMK Technologies' US Jetting 6018-750 Gallon High Pressure Jetting Unit that productes 6,000 PSI @ 18 GPM.
US Jetting
CCTV Inspection truck equipped with a Schwalm robotic lateral reinstatement cutter & IBAK mainline/lateral inspection system.

US Jetting

Schwalm Robotic Cutter by LMK Technologies