Vac Pumps

US Jetting Vac Pumps are designed to use high pressure water to pump liquid, slurry or debris. Vac Pumps have a 2 inch diameter intake and contain 20 feet of discharge hose.

When connected to a high pressure jetting hose, four streams of pressurized water shoot in a combined stream away from the pump intake. The high velocity of the water streams creates a venturi vacuum, drawing liquids and debris into the pump. Debris that passes through the streams of water typically disintegrates or reduces in size. Thick slurry or sludge thins or liquefies from the addition of water from the jet streams.

US Jetting Vac Pumps do not require priming to operate, vacuum begins when the high pressure water is fed to the vac pump.

Vac Pumps are lightweight and portable units. Typical applications are for pumping pits, basins, culverts or manholes to gain access to pipes that contain blockages. Vac Pumps are very useful for cleaning after a pipeline blockage has been removed. Waste sludge material can be cleaned up with the vacuum with the liquefied sludge flushed down an open drain for disposal.

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