Tiger Tail Hose Guide

Tiger Tail Hose Protectors are simple devices that provide maximum abrasion protection for high pressure jetting hoses. The Tiger Tails are designed to reduce or eliminate friction wear as the high pressure hose enters a pipe or drain. They are excellent to use when working in any areas where there is a friction point, such as inside of buildings, on roof edges, or in manholes.

Tiger Tail Hose Protectors should be used with all high pressure jetting hoses and in any applications to prevent friction wear damage. Failure to use a Tiger Tail Hose Protector may result in unnecessary high pressure jetting hose damage, premature hose failure, expensive replacement hose costs, and loss of working time.

Tiger Tail Hose Protectors are available in three sizes: 3", 2" and 1 1/2". All Tiger Tail Hose Protectors are 36" long & have 20' of polyethylene tie-off rope.

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