Mini Hose Kit

The Mini Hose Kit is one of the most versatile accessories for any high pressure jetting unit. The kit includes a 1/4" hose (1/8" ends), a 3 rear 1 forward ball jet nozzle, and 2 fittings. The upgrade to the Mini Hose Kit is the Ultimate Mini Hose Kit which includes three additional nozzles; a 6 rear ball jet nozzle, a 3 rear 4 forward chisel nozzle, and a 4 rear retro spinner nozzle. All of these nozzles are fitted to work with the 1/4" Mini Hose.

The two fittings included in the kit are a Reducer Bushing and a Female Swivel Fitting. The Reducer Bushing and the Female Swivel Fitting allow the 1/8" end of the Mini Hose to attach to a 1/2" hose by fitting between the two different sizes.

Mini Hose Kits are designed to be used in 3 to 6 inch pipes and are easily able to negotiate bends. They can also be used when cleaning straight lengths of pipes with diameters of 1 1/2 inches.

The Mini Hose Kits are available in 100', 150', 200', 250', and 300' lengths. They can be also used with an array of US Jetting spinning nozzles or chain flails for more aggressive small diameter pipe cleaning applications.

Included Accessories

1/4" Ball Jet (1/8" NPT)
3 Rear 1 Forward Jet

1/2" to 1/8" Reducer Bushing

1/2" Female Swivel Fitting

Upgrade to the ULTIMATE Mini Kit!

Additional Acessories Included:

1/4" Ball Jet (1/8" NPT)
6 Rear Jets

1/8" Chisel Nozzle
3 Rear 4 Forward Jets

1/8" Retro Spinner
4 Rear Jets

Mini Hose Kits are a popular add-on accessory to new US Jetting units, as the kits can be ordered with a carry reel and installed with a base mount holder for secure transport. A single lever release allows for easy detachment from the jetting unit. The carry reel is connected to the main high pressure jetting hose by a high pressure swivel attached to the center of the carry reel.

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