Micro Hose Kit

The US Jetting Micro Hose Kit is the smallest diameter high pressure hose kit available for sewer & drain cleaning applications. It is a great kit to use in residential areas and restaurants where they have smaller pipes with bends and elbows that the Micro Hose can easily maneuver around. The flexible 3/16" hose with 1/8" ends is used to clean pipes with diameters ranging from 3/4" to 2".

Included in the Micro Hose Kit are a Mini Button Nozzle and two fittings. The Mini Button Nozzle is a great general cleaning nozzle that has 6 rear jets to flush back debris. The two fittings included in the kit are a Reducer Bushing and a Female Swivel Fitting. These two fittings allow the 1/8" end of the Micro Hose to attach to a 1/2" hose by fitting between the two different sizes.

The upgrade to the Micro Hose Kit is the Ultimate Micro Hose Kit, which includes a Drop Head Nozzle and a Micro Mini Spinner Nozzle. The Drop Head Nozzle is great to use in small pipes with turns, as the nozzle guides the hose around tight bends and corners. The Micro Mini Spinner Nozzle is a nozzle that spins while cleaning which provides a more even spray coverage of the pipe walls.

The Micro Hose Kit is available in hose sizes of 75ft and 100ft. The Micro Hose works best at 4000PSI and under.

Included Accessories

Mini Button Nozzle 6 Rear & 1 Forward Jet

1/2 inch Female Swivel

1/2" - 1/4 inch Reducer Bushing

Upgrade to the ULTIMATE Mini Kit!

Additional Acessories Included:

Drop Head Nozzle 4 Rear Jets

Micro Mini Spinner 4 Rear Jets

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