Heavy Duty Safety Dump Guns

US Jetting offers two different styles of heavy duty high pressure safety dump guns for use with most brands of high pressure jetting units.

The US Jetting Safety Dump Gun has a 30" long single barrel. The US Jetting Safety Dump Gun has an over / under barrel configuration, with a 40" long pressure discharge barrel and a 22" long dump barrel.

The addition of a Safety Dump Gun to a high pressure sewer jetting unit allows for more diverse applications from a single unit. High pressure cleaning or washing is one of many additional job and revenue opportunities that can be performed with a US Jetting unit. Clean-up and wash down at work sites can easily be performed with a Safety Dump Gun. Lift stations, slurry pits, manholes and culverts can be washed of debris buildup. Using water at 4,000 PSI and flows up to 25 GPM becomes a high production pressure washer. Construction and mining equipment with heavy dirt buildup can be quickly and thoroughly cleaned.

Safety Dump Guns differ from shut-off type high pressure guns in that water continuously flows through the gun at all times either at high pressure or at a safe very low discharge pressure.

Both US Jetting Safety Dump Guns have adjustable forearm grips that are adjustable to suit the operator, either left or right hand users.