About US Jetting

Nick Woodhead

Nick Woodhead, President & Founder of US Jetting.
Mr Woodhead introduced the concept of high pressure - low flow jetting to the US market more than 25 years ago.

What Sets US Jetting Equipment Apart

US Jetting Pumper Show Located in the North Atlanta suburb of Alpharetta, Georgia, US Jetting is an industry leading manufacturer of high-pressure water jetting equipment specially designed for cleaning sewer, drain and pipe lines plus culverts. US Jetting also manufactures special purpose high pressure jetting units for use in industrial, manufacturing, surface preparation and military applications. US Jetting, LLC was established in 1991 by Nick Woodhead. Mr Woodhead had previously introduced High Pressure - Low Flow concept for water jetting to clean sewers and drains in the US Market several years earlier. Now there are over 3,000 US Jetting High Pressure Jetting units currently in use within the United States and in 31 countries around the world. US Jetting serves the plumbing, sewer, drain contractors plus government organizations such as municipalities, cities, counties, schools, airports, military installations and federal facilities.

US Jetting offers a full line of water jetting units in a variety of configurations: skid mounted, trailer mounted, enclosed trailer mounted, truck mounted and enclosed heated truck mounted units. In addition to the sales of new units, US Jetting provides maintenance services, parts and accessories for all type of high pressure jetting units. Operating pressures range from 2,000 PSI to 20,000 PSI, with hot water and abrasive injection options. Key to the success of US Jetting is the proprietary design Run-Dry plunger pumps manufactured at the US Jetting facility. Run-Dry technology eliminates pump damage when a pump runs out of water when in use. Other unique features of US Jetting units include:
  • Optional Silent Pack Diesel engines to reduce engine noise.
  • Air-cooled diesel engines for increased reliability.
  • Multiple unit configurations to suit customer and application requirements.
  • Optional enclosed units for cold weather use.
  • Ease of equipment use for operators to increase work productivity.
  • Wireless & Wired remote control systems.
  • Manufacturing construction techniques for long product life.
  • Integration of nozzles & accessories for maximum performance from every unit.
In addition to manufacturing equipment, US Jetting is committed to provide customers with:
  • After market on-site service for routine maintenance or major service overhauls.
  • Training with delivery of every new US Jetting unit.
  • Providing marketing programs throughout the country to improve contractor sales of high pressure jetting services.
  • Providing informational support for special applications.
US Jetting units are designed to provide special benefits such as providing high pressure at low water volume to reduce flood risk, providing emergency clearing that costs less versus bringing in a super large truck system, incurring less operating costs, providing more jetting time on a given quantity of water, operating in smaller more confined environments, using less water and providing a high-pressure water jetting solution that is the least expensive to maintain while effectively cleaning sewer, drain and pipe lines in a wide variety of applications.

All US Jetting high pressure water jetting units are built to be tough and dependable.US Jetting provides high quality equipment, training, full application support and one-stop service including the ability to provide jetting nozzles and accessories for any brand unit. After viewing this US Jetting website, feel free to contact US Jetting for an on-site for a demonstration and quotation.

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